Raw and emotive, Michelle captures the spirit of those unexpected moments in life, evoking a sense of wonderment through her cinematic style of photography.

What started as a brief flirtation with photography in high school shooting on a 35mm film camera and spending countless hours developing in the dark room, has now blossomed into a full time romance. Rarely spotted out and about without her camera, she describes her Nikon as an extension of her left arm.

A few years in a corporate career left her feeling creatively un-inspired, which led to spur of the moment decision to escape the safety of a 9-5 job in pursuit of exploring what the rest of the world had to offer.  Leaving for Europe with a one-way ticket and her camera, she set her sights on travelling the world and documenting the people she met and places she saw along the way. A few life-changing years later and some 20+ countries visited, back in Melbourne she’s kept the dream alive by taking the leap of faith by turning her passion into a career doing what she loves.

What sets Michelle’s work apart is the ability to capture those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments… The wrinkles that form at the corner of your eyes when you laugh from deep within your soul, or that sweet spot when the sun distorts your view in just the right way so you only see the details that matter and truly define that moment in time.

Seeking out and exemplifying beauty in the imperfections of the modern world, Michelle’s photographs transport you back to those rare moments you felt alive and free.

Her inspiration comes from capturing colours so vibrant they look superficial, noticing the tiny details that most would miss and her adventures around Switzerland and Melbourne on Lola, her bike (and second great love).